Things to know - Teachers/Schools

  • What is LyveClass?

    LyveClass is an online platform developed by VIP Tutor Canada that connects educational companies, schools and institutions to overseas talent who are looking for teaching opportunities. Individuals that have the right skillset and education can be freelance teacher to earn income from completing short or long-term teaching projects for a company or providing online lessons for registered members on the LyveClass platform. LyveClass is seamlessly integrated with Zoom classroom, video on-demand and digital downloads features allowing educators to create, share and sell video or live-based courses as well as digital learning resources anytime, anywhere.

    There are three major functions on the platform: 1) online hiring of local and overseas teachers, 2) online or in-person lessons subscription and 3) online tutoring.

    LyveClass is a freelancing platform. Educational companies, schools, institutions and independent instructors around the world could register as members for free. All the job postings, private tutoring lessons and online lessons are provided by the members and they join LyveClass as freelancers, self-employed and are not employees of LyveClass.

  • Rules

    Basic service available for all types of teachers, education companies, schools and institutions:

    1. Create a course homepage and leverage the built-in audience on the platform to obtain students or subscription to classes and educational contents.

      • a LyveClass allows members (i.e. students) to book, subscribe and pay for the classes/courses outside the platform, however doing so is risky and members should be aware of any frauds or scams.

      • b LyveClass is not in the position to deal with or be held liable for complaints/issues regarding the quality of the instruction, Teachers/content providers should resolve the issues directly with students.

      • c If student finds the quality of instruction is below standard, not as promised or encounters issues that are irreconcilable with the teachers and wishes to discontinue the lessons, those who pay for the online lesson fee via LyveClass payment processing channel may qualify for a refund. Refund is for remaining lessons only.

    2. LyveClass is embedded with Zoom classroom and is available for free to all educators. Maximum capacity is 300 people with 40 minutes time limit per live conferencing. However there is no time limit for 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 meeting.

  • Free job board

    1. Registered teacher can earn income by choosing to work for a company and or teaching lessons as an independent teacher.

    2. Educational companies, schools and institutions can register as members and hire anyone who is looking for jobs on the platform.

    3. LyveClass is not in the position to make or influence any hiring decision and therefore is not held responsible. Recruiting parties make the hiring as they see fit and teachers accept the jobs as they want to.

  • What should I teach?

    1. K-12, college & university curriculum.

    2. All types of language tutoring lessons.

    3. Upskilling lessons and industry related training.

  • Who can teach on LyveClass?

    LyveClass is a freelancing platform for anyone who wants to be an instructor. LyveClass teachers are college/university tutors, licensed teachers, working professionals, experts, and subject matter enthusiasts. LyveClass reserves the right to reject unqualified applicants.

  • How can I earn money?

    1. If you use LyveClass to teach/sell lessons and also use our payment processing system, LyveClass will deduct 15% from the course revenue, and teacher keeps 85%. If you only teach/sell lessons but do not use our payment processing system, you will keep 100% of the revenue as your net income. Teachers will receive payout at the end of each month for completed lessons less any transaction fee.

    2. For private instruction/tutoring/video lessons/live lessons/digital learning resources: teachers and tutors make their own hours and set their own rate.

    3. Tax rate: educators decide what tax rate to charge based on law and regulation in their own countries or regions.

    4. Payout method: bank transfer, Paypal etc.

  • How do I get started?

    1. To begin selling/offering your education product or service, your educator account must be approved by LyveClass first. Until then, your profile and education channel will remain hidden from the public.

    2. To get started, please sign in and complete “my profile” in the online portal. You’ll receive a response regarding your account status within 3 business days. Incomplete profile would not be considered.

  • Site wide promotion and sales discount:

    1. LyveClass will run site-wide sales and promotion from time to time without prior notice. However, educators can opt out this feature when generating new content. LyveClass

  • Service upgrade and fee

    1. Basic account (free) allows unlimited 300 participants with 40 minutes time limit per live conferencing. Upgrade to unlimited minutes per live conferencing costs CAD $49 before tax. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade anytime without a penalty.

    2. Using the platform embedded payment processing will incur 15% transaction fee per transaction.

For any other questions, you may send an email to Happy teaching!