Ontario government announces change to controversial teacher hiring rule


Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce announced on Thursday that Regulation 274 —which gives teachers with more seniority priority in the hiring process over newer teachers — is being eliminated. The move is meant to allow for hiring teachers based on merit and diversity instead, within the hiring process.

The Ontario government announced Thursday it will be revoking the controversial practice of hiring supply teachers based on seniority.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce made the announcement saying the government wants to focus on hiring practices based on merit rather than solely on seniority.

“Our government is fully committed to standing up for students and parents who deserve the best, most qualified, and reflective educator at the front of the classroom,” Lecce said.

“That means, when it comes to hiring educators, principals should be able to hire the best teacher for the job – not necessarily the one who has been in line the longest.”


The revocation of Regulation 274 is effective Oct. 29.

The new policy will allow for principals to begin hiring based on “merit, diversity and the unique needs of the school, while providing strict protocols to avoid concerns of nepotism,” a press release said Thursday.